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Clinical Services 

Confidential services for women, men and adolescents include:  Height, weight, blood pressure, pap testing and pelvic exams, breast exams, testing and treatment for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), pregnancy testing, emergency contraception,  other lab tests and immunizations if needed.  Education and counseling services include information about and help with healthy lifestyle choices, such as good nutrition, exercise, avoiding harmful substances and quitting tobacco, breast and testicular exams, STD/HIV risks, preconception health (planning a healthy pregnancy), including proper folic acid intake, pregnancy counseling, options counseling, infertility counseling.  We also offer referrals to other community resources.

HANDS  --  HANDS is a home visitation service that is offered to first time parents throughout the state of Kentucky.  HANDS stands for Health Access Nurturing Development Services.  First time moms and/or dads are welcome to participate.  Participation can begin at any time during pregnancy or anytime before a child is 3 months old.  HANDS services are free to all families.  Families will engage in fun activities to learn more about having a healthy pregnancy, caring for their baby, how to provide their child with enriching learning experiences, creating a safe and healthy home, community resources, and child development.  To learn more about this beneficial service or to get started in our HANDS program, call 606-735-2157.

Medical Reserve Corps.  -- MRC units are community-based and function as a way to locally organize and utilize volunteers - medical professionals and others - who want to donate their time and expertise to promote healthy living throughout the year and to prepare for and respond to emergencies.  MRC volunteers supplement existing local emergency and public health resources.  MRC can support local public health initiatives by promoting disease prevention, improving health literacy, eliminating health disparities, enhancing public health preparedness, assist local hospitals and health departments with surge personnel needs, participate in community preparedness activities, such as vaccination clinics and exercises for shelters, and can train with local emergency response partners.  To learn more about Bracken County Medical Reserve Corps. contact us at 606-735-2157.  

EPSDT -- Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment  -- is for all children who receive Medicaid up to age 21; or children up to age 19 who receive Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Plan (KCHIP).  EPSDT has two parts:  Well Child Checks and EPSDT Special Services.  Well child checks:  All children need regular health checkups.  Children should be checked for medical problems early.  Checkups should continue as the child grows.  The checkup may include:  medical history and physical exam, growth and development check, vision and hearing screenings, immunizations, lab tests, dental screening for children age 2 and older (referral required) and guidance and health education.  Special Services:  If your doctor finds a problem that requires special services, your child will be referred to a specialist.  EPSDT Special Services include diagnostics, prevention, rehabilitation, treatment or services not covered by Medicaid but are medically necessary.  Cost:  EPSDT services are available at your doctor's office.  Services are provided at no cost to families with Medicaid or KCHIP.  KCHIP III children are not eligible for EPSDT Special Services.  For more information or to schedule an appointment for your child to receive an EPSDT/Well Child Check call your child's doctor. 

Community Education -- Diabetes Self Management classes cover the 7 self-care behaviors related to diabetes:  Healthy Eating, Being Active, Monitoring, Taking Medications, Problem Solving, Healthy Coping and Reducing Risks.  Classes last 3 hours each with a total of 4 classes. Classes will be held two days one week and two days the following week .  Schedule of Classes:  November -- Day,  January -- Evening,  March -- Day,  May -- Evening.  Class schedule subject to change.  Contact Certified Diabetes Educator, Donna Teegarden, for more information.
Smoking Cessation Classes -- The Cooper Clayton Method to become a non-smoker is an effective smoking cessation method, which addresses all aspects of smoking.  The method uses a nicotine replacement product and also provides 12  - one hour intensive education sessions.  To learn more contact Donna Teegarden at 606-735-2157.
Strong Women Program -- This program is a 12 week exercise program using weights.  The class is for middle-aged and older women.  The class meets two times per week.  Strength training is used to incrase strength, muscle mass, and bone density.  To learn more contact Donna Teegarden at 606-735-2157.

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